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Circle Seal Product Line

Valves & Manifolds for Air and Hydraulic Systems: Solenoid · Regulator · Relief · Check

CIRCOR Aerospace started our support in naval applications in 1947 with the Circle Seal product line and have offered high quality and reliable solutions for marine fluid controls ever since. Product applications include fire control, fuel system, pneumatic controls, weapon systems, hydraulic, and dockside support equipment.

Circle Seal Controls designs and manufactures valves, regulators, and controls for Naval and Aerospace applications. An array of products are available that meet requirements from MIL Specifications to COTS; Commercial Off the Shelf. Their products include:

  • check, relief, shutoff, solenoid, sampling, bleed, Pressure Reducing Manifolds, and electro-mechanical valves
  • float, vacuum, and pilot operated valves
  • pressure regulators
  • temperature compensating pressure regulation systems

For more information please visit their website at www.circoraerospace.com

US Paraplate Product Line

U.S. Paraplate (a Circle Seal company)

U.S. Para Plate products compliment those of Circle Seal and include ball valves to:

MIL-V-22687, globe, angle, check, solenoid, regulator and back pressure regulator valves.

For more information please visit www.circoraerospace.com

Warren Controls

Control Valves • Powered & Manual Valves

Warren Controls prides itself on having provided many unique solutions in an answer to shipyards and Navy requirements. Our design experience and flexible production capabilities have provided equipment that has satisfied many application requirements in operation, delivery and price. Their products include:

  • 2-way and 3-way valves to 12 inch size
  • valves to MIL-V-2042, MIL-V-18030, and ASTM 1370
  • linear and rotary control valves
  • manual and powered valves with a variety of actuators.

For more information please visit www.warrencontrols.com

Griswold Controls

Griswold Controls has set the standard for innovative, reliable and quality products for HVAC applications.

Beginning with the original 100% stainless steel cartridge for automatic flow limiting control, Griswold Controls has been the leader in HVAC technology for flow control. We offer a wide array of products including:

  • Automatic Flow Limiting Valves (Automatic Balancing Valves)
  • Manual Balance Valves
  • 2 Way & 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves
  • Pressure Independent Valves
  • Coil Piping Packages

For more information visit www.griswoldcontrols.com


Cla-Val is a global manufacturer with headquarters and a 20-acre production/foundry complex in Costa Mesa, California. Since 1936, we have provided the industry’s finest automatic control valves to customers in every part of the world. Other global locations include Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Cla-Val automatic control valves are renowned for their quality and superior performance. The company itself is known for consistently excellent customer service as well as innovation, specifically related to products that help to conserve water and improve system efficiency.

Cla-Val’s long history of manufacturing and industry excellence also enables us to provide the industry’s most comprehensive program of hands-on, personalized technical/product training at our in-house training facilities in each of our global offices.

Marine Products

CLA-VAL marine products are designed to meet the exacting requirements of military and commercial shipboard applications. Their rugged construction and top quality materials help to ensure long life, minimal maintenance and precision service. All products for critical application on US Navy and Coast Guard vessels have undergone shock and vibration testing.

Their automatic control valves are utilized in nearly all of the US Navy’s shipboard magazine sprinkler and AFFF fire fighting systems. These valves have been relied on by the military for nearly 80 years to protect its personnel in the event of an onboard disaster.

On aircraft carriers, Cla-Val products are used in aircraft fueling and defueling, while other valves control fuel from storage tanks to the flight deck. Additional shipboard applications include cross connection control lubricating oil pressure control. Specially designed CLA-VAL pressure reducing and pressure relief valves are used seawater systems. Further applications include flow control, solenoid control, countermeasure washdown, ballasting/deballasting and void filling.

For more information visit www.cla-val.com

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